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"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap, March 3, 2015

Mar 03, 2015 -- 3:29pm

"Alex & Drew" spent time discussion Joakim Noah's hairstyle.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

Although Randall Cobb's future continues to be a major topic among Wisconsin sports fans, Alex & Drew got a bit distracted from that discussion on Tuesday by, of all things, Joakim Noah's hair.

First things first...

With no nrew developments on the Cobb front on a snowy Tuesday morning, Alex approached the topic from the "If not, Cobb, who?" angle. The guys discussed the possibility that the Packers could see Cobb bolt via free agency and improve the team by spending the money they'd allocated for the wide receiver on a defensive stalwart, a standout wide receiver (or two) or another necessary piece.

"In Ted, I trust," Drew said.

At on point in the show, Alex brought up Houston guard/MVP candidate James Harden's one-game suspension for kicking Cavs superstar LeBron James in "the fellas," or as Dan Needles screams, "Right in the Jimmy!" ("Who's Jimmy?"

Alex asked, "If you could get away with it, who would you kick in the groin?"

When Joakim Noah's name came forward, producer Chris Larsen suggested that - rather than kicking the energetic Bulls forward below the belt, one coudl get satisfication for cutting his "man bun."

Alex expressed admiration for the hairstyle, adding that he would probably wear his hear like that if not for "the Greek curse" of coarse, thick hair that grows straight up rather than out.

Drew was flabbergasted by Alex's approval of the "man bun," which he thinks should rank lower than the "West Allis Mullet" and "Pre-school bowl cut" on the list of attractive hairstyles.

The guys debated the point with listeners weighing in via phone and Twitter. Alex and Chris reasoned that the "man bun" is stylish and popular with the ladies. Drew coutnered by saying that people like Clay Matthews, Leonardo DiCaprio and others would be popular no matter what hairstyle they happen to be sporting at the time.

Jason Wilde, who gave up his role as "metrosexual correspondent" on the program when he became a dad and began wearing only college hoodies, shorts and flip-flops, played along but not without wondering how the guys got onto to such a topic.

Some questions are just unanswerable, Jason.


"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: March 2, 2015

Mar 02, 2015 -- 2:10pm

Packers safety Jarret Bush was arrested, but not charged, over the weekend in California.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

Jason Wilde said it best: Jarrett Bush ranked near the bottom of the "Packers I expect to get in trouble during the offseason" list.

But, the veteran special teams expert was picked up on a charge of public intoxication over the weekend in his hometown of Vacaville, Calif.

Bush was not charged in the incident, which didn't seem to be a big deal, but Alex & Drew discussed his free agency and the fact that -- while the off-season is young -- the arrest was the second for the usually-clean-as-a-whistle Packers (following Letroy Guion).

The general consensus among the panel was that Bush's arrest would not impact the Packers' decision to bring him back.

While Alex continues to look for reasons to worry about Randall Cobb leaving Green Bay for greener pastures (and considerably more green), Drew keeps talking him off the ledge. With the salary cap increasing by $10 million (to roughly $143 million), the Packers expect to have nearly $33 million to spend on players. In spite of movement on the franchise tag front with other teams, Drew simply cannot be convinced that they will let Cobb walk.

In the wake of a successful poker tournament Saturday at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson, the panel discussed whether video gaming has repalced "poker night" as a reason for guys to get together. Alex thinks it has, and cited numerous times when he and friends treated a night of Madden as "a destination" rather than just a warmup for an evening (though he uses it as "pre-game," too).

Drew and Dan feel that an older demographic still favors poker as an excuse to have drinks, smoke cigars and hang out with the guys. 

Hawk reflects on Packers tenure

Feb 25, 2015 -- 3:40pm

ESPN Wisconsin staff

The Packers released veteran linebacker A.J. Hawk on Wednesday afternoon. Hawk, who spent nine years in Green Bay, issued the following video in response.

"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Feb. 25, 2015

Feb 25, 2015 -- 1:10pm

Former Bucks center Larry Sanders spoke publicly about his exit from the NBA and the Milwauikee Bucks.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

With Alex Petakas "on assignment" (aka: ill) for the second straight day, the show had a bit of an "old school" feel.

Channel 12 sports director Dan Needles sat in for all three hours and he and Drew opened the show with a spirited discussion about Larry Sanders. The former Bucks center, who was placed on waivers last week, broke his silence with a first-person blog post on, Derek Jeter's new site that is serving as a conduit between professional athletes and fans/media.

Sanders also took part in the following video:

As is his wont, Dan took a somewhat cynical view of Sanders' message, which he felt was covering for a "take the money and run" approach. Drew was a bit more understanding, comparing Sanders' situation to that of former NFL standout Ricky Williams, who was suspended for marijuana and walked away from the NFL for a few seasons in the prime of his career.

The guys also hosted a spirited "Survey Wednesday." The questions:

1. Should the NCAA ban "court storming" at basketball games? (This was in response to the incident Monday night at Kansas State, which was replayed by Maryland fans when the Terps beat visiting Wisconsin on Tuesday night and happens routinely at this time of year).

2. What is the most depressing injury to an athlete you can remember?

3. What is your favorite fast-food menu item.

Answers to the survey varied greatly. Most respondents agreed that "court storming" is passe and somewhat dangerous and should be eliminated.

Injury answers included Rollie Fingers, Aaron Rodgers, Sterling Sharpe, Bo Jackson, Nick Collins, Tim Lewis and others.

Maria Sapienza, producer of "Homer & Gabe" dropped in to talk about her passion -- fast food -- and her love of White Castle sliders, Dairy Queen blizzards, McDonald's chicken sandwiches and others.


Sanders breaks his silence

Feb 25, 2015 -- 8:45am

ESPN Wisconsin staff

Former Bucks center Larry Sanders wrote a piece and did a video for The Players Tribune, an athlete-centered website founded by former Yankees star Derek Jeter.

Sanders talks about why he left the NBA and how he was hospitalized for anxiety and depression.


"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Feb. 24, 2015

Feb 24, 2015 -- 2:40pm

ESPN Wisconsin staff

Alex was "on assignment" on Tuesday, and Drew - flying solo for the first two hours -- spent a majority of his time talking about NASCAR.

Wait, what?

Drew isn't a big NASCAR fan, but he was intrigued by the story surrounding Daytona 500 champ Joey Logano. After winning the race Sunday afternoon, Logano was presented with his Daytona 500 championship ring.

Like many casual followers, Drew didn't know there was such a thing. He also was unaware that Logano, who was recently married, lost his wedding ring while kayaking in Costa Rica during his honeymoon.

That prompted a question: How many married men in the ESPN Wisconsin audience have lost their wedding band?

The answer?

A lot more than Drew and Chris expected.

A steady stream of calls came in with all kinds of excellent stories of rings lost -- and then found.

The bottom line: "It's OK to lose your ring if your wife is with you when you do it," Drew said. "Losing it in the parking lot or champagne room at a Las Vegas strip club is another matter..."

Drew also chatted with ESPN Wisconsin Badgers reporter Zach Heilprin about the big game against Maryland tonight. Tom Haudricourt joined the show in the noon hour with a report from Brewers spring training.

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