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Week 5 winners

Oct 07, 2015 -- 11:58am

Another 3-2 week. Slow and steady continues to bash your book, now 12-8 overall for the season. Smash you man with these week 5 gems:


Georgia -3 @ Tennessee- The Dawgs will be full of piss and vinegar after getting hammered at home by the Tide. Chubb will have 200 yds and 3 TDs. UGA rolls!


Missouri +5 vs Florida- The beneficiaries of a letdown last week at the Swamp, the Gators run head long into Gary Pinkel’s Tigers in Columbia. No real emotion in what is still a relatively unfamiliar conference match-up. Take the home dog.


Nebraska -1 vs Wisconsin- It’s a must win for Riley and Nebraska, and Bucky’s lack of a home run hitter won’t be fixed in a week. Very similar to the Iowa loss.


Rams +9.5 @ Packers- The Rams could win this one straight up. They are sound in all areas, and first round pick Todd Gurley gives them a spark. Pack needs to be on high alert.


Bengals -3 vs Seahawks- Seahawks should be 1-3. They just aren’t very good right now. The Bengals are.

Week 4 Winners

Oct 02, 2015 -- 1:22pm

3-2 last week (3-0 in the colleges) as we continue to bash your book at 9-6 overall on the season. Without further ado, we present your week 4 bookie blasters:

Oregon -7.5 @ Colorado- This line plummeted after the Ducks got waxed by Utah. It happens, but the betting public over reacted. You can take advantage. They'll win in Boulder by three touchdowns.

Missouri -3 vs South Carolina- Coach Pinkel's Tigers are smarting from their loss in Lexington, but Spurrier is DONE in Columbia. Everyone around the Cocks, including the players knows it. Missouri by a lot.

Michigan State -21.5 vs Purdue- I know, this is a lot of wood, but Michigan State is a legit National Title contender. Meanwhile, the Boilers are 1-3 and can't stop anyone. Something like 66-13 sounds about right.

Dolphins +1.5 vs Jets- Philbin's last stand. Suh has heard the criticism this week. Picture Charles Jefferson after Spicolli wrecked his car. I pity the Amish Rifle.

Jaguars +9 @ Colts- OK, I get it. You don't have to beat me over the head. The Colts are void of talent once you get past 12, especially in the trenches. This does not bode well. They'll beat the Jags, but barely.

Week 3 winners

Sep 25, 2015 -- 6:33am

After a 4-1 week (3-0 in the NFL), we are a bookie busting 6-4 after two weeks. Here are this week's gems:

Kentucky -2.5 vs Missouri- These are not your drunken, toothless, uncle/cousin's Wildcats. Coach Stoops has made the trip to Lexington much less pleasant, as Coach Pinkel and the Tigers will find out.

Oklahoma State -3 @ Texas- Forget the Red River Shootout. This disappointing group in burnt orange will get their lunch stolen by the red headed step children from Stillwater. BTW, Mike Gundy is now 48, and still a man.

Cal -4 @ Washington- Golden Bears QB Jared Goff is drawing comparisons to...wait for it...ole' number 8 Aaron Rodgers. (BLASPHEMY!!!) His bid to be the first QB drafted in 2016 gets a big boost with a road win in Seattle to start the PAC 12 season.

Ravens -2.5 vs Bengals- Flacco's boys are way to good to fall to 0-3.

Rams +1 vs Steelers- Lame duck St. Louis football team has a great D. They'll win it on a defensive TD.


Week 2 Winners

Sep 18, 2015 -- 12:29pm

We look to bounce back from a lackluster 2-3 debut last week. Here we go:


LSU -6.5 vs Auburn- The Bayou Bengals are stacked in 2015, while War Eagle has been shaky at best.


GTech -2.5 over Notre Dame- Tough breaks just keep coming for the Irish, now they have to face Paul Johnson's tough option. They aren't ready.


Panthers -3 vs Houston- The Panthers aren't very good, but Houston is a disaster. It's 2015, and they don't have a quarterback. Everyone should be fired.


Patriots -1 @ Bills- Don't over think this one. That team that you saw blast the Steelers on opening night, you only have to lay 1 point to take them. Do it every time.


Falcons +2 @ Giants- The Falcons have had talent. Dan Quinn has brought new life, and Julio is healthy. They will boat race the G men.

Week 1 Winners

Sep 12, 2015 -- 10:02am

For entertainment purpose only, I'll try to put my best plays up every week. Enjoy!!!

Iowa State + 3.5 over Iowa (straight up)


South Carolina -7 over Kentucky


Packers -7 over Bears


Chiefs -1 over Texans


Colts -2.5 over Bills

The Prime Minister's 2015 NFL Projection

Sep 10, 2015 -- 3:22pm

Well, here it is. Remember there is very little science involved in this. I arrive at these standings by picking every single NFL game. I believe that I have all of the tiebreakers and home fields correct, but there always seems to be a little disagreement on that. Anyway, let's play football!!!!


NFC EAST                                 AFC EAST

(2) Eagles 12-4                          (3) Patriots 12-4

(5) Washington 11-5                   Dolphins 7-9

(6) Cowboys 11-5                      Jets 4-12

Giants 5-11                                Bills 4-12


NFC NORTH                            AFC NORTH

(1) Packers 13-3                     (4) Steelers 11-5

Lions 10-6                               (6) Browns 9-7

Vikings 8-8                               Ravens 7-9

Bears 3-13                               Bengals 5-11


NFC SOUTH                             AFC SOUTH

(4) Saints 8-8                          (1) Colts 13-3

Falcons 6-10                           (5) Titans

Panthers 5-11                          Jaguars 6-10

Buccs 5-11                              Texans 6-10


NFC WEST                             AFC WEST

(3) Seahawks 11-5                 (2) Brancos 12-4

Rams 10-6                             Chargers 7-9

Cardinals 9-7                         Chiefs 7-9

49ers 4-12                              Raiders 6-10


NFC WILDCARD                    AFC WILDCARD

Cowboys over Seahawks       Patriots over Browns

Redskins over Saints              Steelers over Titans



Packers over Cowboys          Broncos over Patriots

Eagles over Washington        Colts over Steelers



Packers over Eagles              Colts over Broncos



Packers 41 Colts 28

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