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Maybe Ozzie Just Wanted a Good Cigar

Apr 09, 2012 -- 12:40pm

by Bill Johnson (


Does anyone really think that Ozzie Guillen is a Marxist?


Does anyone think that Ozzie Guillen bears any ill will toward Cuban immigrants living in the U.S. or Cubans living in tyranny in Cuba?


Does anyone really think Ozzie Guillen loves Fidel Castro?




Like so many times before, the long time White Sox skipper, now in his first season as Marlins manager, blew past whatever small, tattered, ineffective filter there is in his brain and said the first thing that popped into his head. 


Sometimes Ozzie can be very funny.


Sometimes, he can be provocative.


Sometimes, Ozzie even makes sense.


This time, he's just stupid.


Don't give him more credit or attention than he deserves.


Why he went where he went with his comments regarding Castro, I have no idea.


What I don't get is why are we taking this so seriously?


Why are immigrant groups threatening boycotts? Do they really see Ozzie Guillen as a threat? Have they been paying attention?


Cuban immigrants and current Cuban citizens have suffered since 1959 because of Castro's regime. They have every right to hate Castro and to advocate for his overthrow, even hope for his death.


That is weighty stuff.


A former shortstop turned manager with the PR sense of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan? Not weighty.


Immigrant advocacy groups have much more to worry about. With Castro's death right around the corner, a regime change will hopefully bring an end to Castro's way of running things. Hopefully for all of us (Cubans, Cuban immigrants, Americans...) Cuba will soon be open, with Cuban's and American's free to travel back and forth between the two countries. Hopefully, this will make life better for the people of Cuba and their relatives in the U.S.. 


With all of this in the offing, why bother with a loudmouth old jock spouting like a baby in a high chair.


Pity Ozzie for his lack of intelligence and maturity, then move on.

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