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Aaron Rodgers, Bucks minority owner? Don't laugh

Dec 17, 2013 -- 11:13pm
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Aaron Rodgers, shown here talking with his friend and ex-Bucks guard Ray Allen at a Bucks-Heat playoff game, was serious when he said Tuesday he'd be interested in owning a pro sports team.

GREEN BAY – Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl is looking for new investment partners. He might want to call Aaron Rodgers.

As long as he doesn’t let the Green Bay Packers quarterback be the team’s general manager, it could be a good fit.

Speaking on his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN and, Rodgers was serious when he responded to a listener’s question by saying that he would be interested in investing in a pro sports franchise, and he was aware of the news Monday that Kohl had hired Steven Greenberg, of New York’s Allen & Co., to advise him on the search for new ownership partners.

He was kidding around about the kind of roster he’d put together. Well, hopefully he was kidding around.

Kohl, a former U.S. senator, has owned the team for 29 years and wants to add investors who are committed to keeping the team in Milwaukee long-term. Rodgers, a longtime NBA fan who frequents Bucks games, signed a $110 million contract extension with the Packers in April.

Asked if Kohl has called him, Rodgers laughed and said, “No, he hasn’t. Not yet. If he did, though, you know if I had any controlling stake, you know I’d get Drew Gooden back. You’ve got to lock down the midrange game for sure. Caron (Butler), he’s an incredible midrange player, so he’s obviously sticking around. We could get the all-midrange team.”

Rodgers, an aficionado of the midrange jump shot, wasn’t finished. He suggested longtime NBA veteran forward Juwan Howard, another of his favorite players, would be a good fit as the coach.

“Maybe get Jason Kapono. Got to have a three-point shooter, so I’m thinking (Kyle) Korver, get Korver in there. Big man, Chris Kaman has been wanting some more time, so we might have to coax him over there. Love big Sam Dalembert, (we could) bring him back,” Rodgers said, just getting warmed up. “Definitely go after Ray (Allen). Maybe get Big Dog (Glenn Robinson) to come back. He always had a good midrange J too.

“The roster would look a little bit different, I think.”

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