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'Tuesdays with Aaron' highlights

Nov 12, 2013 -- 3:56pm

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined Jason Wilde for "Tuesdays with Aaron" this afternoon on ESPN Wisconsin.


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined ESPN Wisconsin’s Jason Wilde for “Tuesdays with Aaron” this afternoon. You can

Here are some highlights:

HEALTH UPDATE (Wilde asks if Rodgers has a date in mind for returning to action and if that date might be Thanksgiving Day in Detroit)
“No, it's this week. I would like to be back this week. Now, whether that is realistic or not remains to be seen. I would never rule myself out on a Tuesday. Mike (McCarthy) probably already has.

"I have not given up hope playing any week. It depends on how I heal. It depends on what the next x-ray looks like. I can say this week is probably not going to happen. Not going to happen."


"We have our treatment routines. Again, it's giving the bone time to heal. I'm not trying to do anything too stupid to aggravate it. (The) collarbone obviously has an important role in your shoulder movement. Small victories to me have been able to sleep through an entire night, which I finally can. Being able to put a shirt over my head, which I can now. Putting socks on. Yes. I can put them on without being in an extreme amount of pain.

“Today is the best I’ve felt since the injury.”

"I am very proud of Scott Tolzien."He took six reps, I think, this last week in practice. We did spend a lot of time on Wednesday and Thursday after practice going through some scripts so he could hear it and call it and see it. The receivers stayed after, which was great. Some of them. The young guys, especially.

"To go in there and make the plays that he made — obviously maybe he wanted a couple of those throws back - but he did some great things out there. For a guy who was on the practice squad, had a chance to leave but decided to stick it out, then to be elevated and thrown into a game after six reps, says a lot about the preparation he put in. I am very proud of Scott and he has a very bright future. I have just been impressed with his demeanor and his approach since he got here. I think he is going to have a good week.”

“I really enjoyed my time with Seneca. He was a pro’s pro. Learned a lot from being around him and just enjoyed his perspective on life and football, and we’ll miss him.”

"In general, we would like to be a team of no excuses. That comes from Mike (McCarthy), whether it's his post-game talk after a loss where he says give the opponent credit. Or if it's after a win where he talks about staying humble. He sets the direction, but it's an organization-wide idea and motto that we don't like to make excuses. If you are on this team, you are a professional football player. You are expected to play well. We have to play better as a team to win these games. No excuses. Whether it's myself, Charles Woodson has been out in the past when he was here. Greg (Jennings) missed a lot of time last year. We have had injuries to key players in the past. But it's about doing your job and not making excuses. I think we realize at this point in the season, coming up on our tenth game, the urgency has to pick up. These are important games. ... We need to find a way to win."

"I don't really know a lot about that situation, that I should or can comment on it.”

“Joe (Philbin) is a great man. I don’t know what is going to happen in Miami.”


"I don't think any prank we have done has ever gone too far. I think there is a culture that exists in the locker room, like the one that we have here in Green Bay, guys like to rib each other, tease each other, but at the end of the day Mike's main rule is no disrespect. I think we do a good job of respecting people and not doing anything that belittles anybody. That's just the way we like to do things.

"We don't really haze rookies. We don't tape them to goalposts. We don't cut their hair. They pay for some food, pick up the tab every now and then. But we like to create a culture of respect in our locker room and that comes from the top." 

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