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Jennings catches eight passes, while his sister Tweets

Dec 31, 2012 -- 1:17am
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Greg Jennings caught eight passes Sunday, but his sister wasn't happy.

MINNEAPOLIS – By late Sunday night, Valyncia Jennings' (@VLacri) Twitter account had been switched to private, but the damage had been done. Just as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had to deal with his younger brother Marcus ranting on Twitter, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings will likely have to do the same after his sister went off on NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

While Valyncia Jennings’ account isn’t officially verified by Twitter, it’s obviously her – her brother followers her, as does Jennings’ wife Nicole, and she’s posted photos of her brother’s Super Bowl ring in the past.

So while her brother was catching a season-high eight passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers’ 37-34 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Valyncia Jennings was going off on his quarterback. A sampling, thanks to USA Today’s Chris Strauss, who compiled the list:

"Aaron Rodgers come on u had GJ for the TD twice. Get him the🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈geez!!!!!"
"Why was that ball under thrown like that, he was wide open make the throw for the receiver!!! Geeez!!"
"My God Aaron Rodgers holds the ball forever! GJ was wide open 5x for that touchdown! Goodness he acts like he doesn't want to throw to him😡"
"GJ is the only receiver that has to jump in the air with both hands up to get the 🏈!!! It's ridiculous I pray he departs GB ASAP!"
"Aaron Rodgers smh! Had him in the slot wide open no one even covered him! Where is Peyton Manning when u need him! This is utterly pathetic"

Later, Valyncia Jennings directed some Tweets toward Nicole Jennings (@Da_mrs_85):

"@Da_mrs_85 Eb, Cortney, and Jahlin. We are hot Mad! I've never seen a star receiver ever go through this smh! @GregJennings needs to bounce😡"
"It is so obvious that @GregJennings is being blatantly ignored by ARod. Maybe @ halftime GJ should put on #18 then ARod will force 🏈 to him!"
"Who can make a play @GregJennings can! He's the best freakin receiver these clowns got! Now take your talents to south beach & get paid!💰💵"
"@GregJennings ball out so you can leave this team! They will miss u when your gone! It's all good bye packers! Cheap team, can't afford him"
"@Da_mrs_85 I don't freakin care he should have more catches, if this idiot could see the coverage!!😡 Then he holds on to the ball & fumbles!"
"ARod is the most overrated QB in the league! He is no where near Peyton or Brady! It sickens me, Peyton would avg. 5 TD with this squad!!!"

Jennings missed eight games with a lower abdominal muscle tear and now has only 36 receptions for 365 yards and four TDs on the year. The No. 18 his sister referred to is Randall Cobb, who caught a team-high 80 passes for 954 yards but was inactive Sunday with ankle and knee injuries.

Asked about having Jennings back in the lineup, Rodgers, who was not told of Jennings’ sister’s remarks, replied: “Greg is a big-time player. Not having Randall out there and just being able to move Greg into the slot very easily, he played excellent. He made some big-time catches for us, a great second-reaction play to get our first touchdown. I love throwing to him. He gives you a big window, a big margin for error. I’ve been saying the last couple of weeks that we need to find more ways to get it to him and today we did that.”

Rodgers had confessed during his radio show last week that he would watch film and see Jennings open almost all the time. Jennings caught seven passes last week against Tennessee but Rodgers said he should have thrown him the ball more.

Asked how he felt Sunday, Jennings replied, “This is the best I’ve felt coming into a game this year. It was just a matter of time.”

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