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Steph Curry could have been a Buck

May 08, 2013 -- 11:06am


While recently watching Stephen Curry light up the scoreboard in the NBA playoffs I suddenly had this horrible thought creep into my brain.

"Didn't the Bucks have a chance to get him but took Monta Ellis instead because of concerns of Curry's ankle?"

I researched it and according to veteran NBA reporter Peter Vecsey that was true at least at one point for the Milwaukee Bucks. I want to be clear about what I'm saying here:


Now I'm sure Curry would have been "Buck'd" and his ankles would have never been the same so at least there is that solace.

What is "Buck'd?"

It's a term I've come up with to describe what happens to players, coaches and executives who end up in Milwaukee.

Below you can read the part of Vecsey's piece that involves Ellis and Curry as well as a link to the whole story.

*Please note that Vecsey's report was last updated at 9:14 a.m. ET March 13th, 2012 and the Ellis trade was reported by ESPN at 4:09 a.m. ET on March 14th, 2012. This is important to me because since it's closer to the actual trade time and it's from Vecsey that proves to me it's more fact than speculation.

"The big IF is Stephen Curry. That’s who is being offered. Last week, it looked like the two-for-one deal (Robin Lopez would have been obtained from Phoenix and rerouted to Milwaukee) was almost 100 percent approved by both sides. Subsequently, Curry’s surgically repaired (last summer) ankle sometimes forces him to pull up in pain when he makes a sharp cut. It doesn’t seem to be a grave problem, but it’s serious enough to make him take a seat and serious enough for the Bucks to take pause." - Peter Vecsey, NY Post

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