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Remember the last time the Packers played in Cincinnati?

Sep 19, 2013 -- 12:22pm

GREEN BAY -- As on-field trespassers go, the guy who ran onto the field at Paul Brown Stadium in 2005 has to rank right up there. The one player still on the Green Bay Packers roster from that game against the Cincinnati Bengals, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, remembers him stealing the ball from quarterback Brett Favre and taking off the other way.

"I do. Yes I do. He ran right past me and didn’t quite make a touchdown," Rodgers recalled at his locker Wednesday. "He took the ball out of Brett’s hands and rumbled, bumbled and was crumbled."

Rodgers, on his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN and, recalled the scene in more detail. 

"I've said it before but the thought that runs through your head is what is he going to do as he gets closer?  Is he going to just drill Brett?  Is he going to hit a referee?  Is he going to go out there and dance around?" Rodgers said. "  Because I've seen (a lot). (In college at Cal against) Kansas State, my first game, a guy in a hula skirt.  Philadelphia, Monday Night Football, a guy runs out and pours (a dead relative's) ashes on the field.  

"So that is running through your mind, and not to mention the fact that nobody else knows he is out there because it is so loud, and everybody is looking from left to right on our sideline as we go down the field on the plus 30 and he runs over there. I think the back judge probably saw him, blows the whistle.  He takes the ball out of Brett's hands, and Brett has no idea what is going on.  Somebody is taking the ball out of his hands.  He's not thinking it is some fan.  He's probably thinking it is the ref coming over.  
"(The guy) starts running the other way and you know, we are down by 7, we're driving, and we’ve got the momentum.  It was out of control.  He didn't make it to the end zone, but that was crazy."

Asked in his conference call with Wisconsin reporters if he might bring the interloper back for Sunday's game, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis replied, "Only if we need him, buddy. I’ve got him on reserve. In fact, I think they’re tanking him up right now."


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