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Trip to Texas A&M 'very productive' for defensive coaches

Mar 20, 2013 -- 2:39pm
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Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin spent a day helping out the Packers coaching staff on the read-option.

PHOENIX – The Green Bay Packers defensive coaching staff went on their road trip to Texas A&M earlier this month, and it clearly went better than the trip those girls in Spring Breakers went on.  

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said at Wednesday morning’s NFC coaches breakfast at the annual NFL Meetings that defensive coordinator Dom Capers and his entire staff went down to College Station, Texas, and spent a day with coach Kevin Sumlin and his staff trying to unlock the secrets of the read-option attack.

Not only did the staff get plenty of football-related information out of its time with Sumlin’s staff, but McCarthy said the trip had other benefits, too.

“It went great. Frankly, the fact the defensive staff was on the road together, the camaraderie of the trip is a real benefit,” McCarthy said. “Anytime you put a group of six to eight coaches on a plane, in vans, driving to a school – they talked football from the time they walked into the airport and were talking football on the way out. That’s the kind of stuff every coach misses.

“I think it’s a great changeup and a great opportunity for our defensive staff to do that. Kevin Sumlin and his staff are very gracious and there’s a ton of feedback going back and forth. Kevin was in the room the whole time, giving an offensive perspective. Our defensive staff was in the room with their defensive staff. It was a conversation that was very, very helpful and I’m sure there will be some things we take away from that visit.”

McCarthy wasn’t sure of the date the coaches went, but it was in early March. He wasn’t able to attend.

“We feel we were able to walk away with something,” McCarthy said. “It was very productive for us.”

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