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Death to the BCS? Rodgers on board

Dec 05, 2012 -- 12:01am
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Aaron Rodgers led Cal to two bowl games in two years, but not the BCS variety.

GREEN BAY – Aaron Rodgers has been known to have some strong opinions now and then. Not often, but when the Green Bay Packers quarterback gets worked up, he can rant with the best of them.

And during Rodgers’ weekly radio show Tuesday on 540 ESPN and, he railed against the Bowl Championship Series, saying he wants a March Madness-like 16-team playoff that mimics the NCAA basketball tournament.

Rodgers played two seasons at California-Berkeley, but never in a BCS bowl game. In 2003, he led Cal to the Insight Bowl, leading the Bears to a triple overtime 34–31 victory over Virginia Tech, throwing for 394 yards and earning MVP honors. In 2004, he watched the BCS take Texas instead of Cal for the Rose Bowl, and the fourth-ranked Bears ended up in the the Holiday Bowl, which they lost to Texas Tech.

Rodgers was asked during a listener Q&A segment what he thought of the BCS and upstart Northern Illinois earning a spot in the Orange Bowl.

“I love it, I do. I love it because it shows what a sham the BCS is. It’s an absolute sham. It has been forever,” Rodgers replied. “They keep pushing off the date when they’re going to do this playoff, makes absolutely no sense, it’s absolutely bologna. It should be a 16-team playoff, should have been for the last 10-15 years that they have been doing this. It’s a joke.

“In 2004, we had three teams that we undefeated in my last year in college: (U)SC, who has beaten us barely, Oklahoma, who had beaten Texas barely, and Auburn, who was (also) undefeated. Auburn doesn’t get to go to the BCS Championship Game; I mean it’s a joke.

“Have a definite winner, every other sport including whatever they’re calling (football in) Division II and III and I-AA, they all have a playoff now. So why would you not have – in the system that could make the most money – why could you not have a playoff? It just doesn’t make any sense.

“I mean, come on, the NCAA basketball (tournament), that’s what everyone looks forward to. I mean, everybody loves March Madness. You can’t wait to watch, because there is one definite winner, a lot of teams have a chance. Why not give Northern Illinois a chance? Even if you rank them the 16th seed, put them up against Notre Dame, 1-16, 2-15 and on down the line and see what happens.

“Then you can at least have one championship, you can still have the integrity of the bowl games. I mean, after all the teams are done, now and you have four weeks to play games. Play (the playoff games) at home sites; the high seed gets the home game.”

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