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Jones victimized by practical-joking Jennings

Oct 22, 2012 -- 11:45pm
Photo/Josh Sitton, via Twitter

GREEN BAY – James Jones burst into the locker room late Monday afternoon, and the Green Bay Packers wide receiver was threatening retribution on any and all inhabitants. Anyone who’d helped Greg Jennings with his birthday prank would get his.

Especially considering that it wasn’t even Jones’ birthday. It was his son’s.

“All the wideouts are in,” Jones threatened. “Every birthday, every anniversary, I’m getting them.”

As it turns out, Jones and his fellow receiver, Greg Jennings, have a long-running practical joke back-and-forth that goes back several years. Jones playfully accused wideout Jordy Nelson of being an accomplice to what happened on Monday: Jennings hiring a local auto repair shop to remove all four tires from Jones’ Chevy Avalanche. The vehicle was then filled with streamers and Silly String, and on the windows Jennings wrote “Go Pack Go” and “Happy Birthday Lil’ J.J.”

It was payback for Jennings, who turned 29 on Sept. 21 and found his car similarly “vandalized” and filled with Styrofoam packing peanuts, courtesy of Jones. Since Jones’ birthday is March 31, Jennings had to get creative.

“I’m surprised he drove to work today. He should’ve known better,” Nelson said. “They do this stuff to each other every year.”

Nelson, who joyfully pointed out that his birthday is in May, denied any knowledge of the plot but seemed to know quite a bit about it. Guard Josh Sitton and rookie defensive end Jerel Worthy each posted photos of Jennings’ handiwork on Twitter, while Jennings bragged about his accomplishment on the social media site.

It could’ve been worse for Jones. In 2004, the veteran offensive linemen – led by center Mike Flanagan and guard Mike Wahle – did the same thing to rookie lineman Steve Morley. Except they went Jennings one better: When Morley returned from practice, the four tires from his SUV were stacked up in his locker. 

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