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Week 11 Winners

Nov 18, 2015 -- 11:57am

After two weeks off to refresh the spirit we are back to bash your book through the stretch run, the College Football Playoff, and the Super Bowl. With that…..


Kansas State -6 over Iowa State. The ‘Clones had Ok State dead to rights, but they let ‘em off the hook. (cue Denny Green.) Bill Snyder Field in Manhattan, Kansas is no place to have a hangover, unless you were at an after bar with Larry Eustacy the night before. Cats roll.


Jaguars -2.5 over Titans. Without the Vegas line, this game would have NO worth at all, so lets play it. Sure the Jags got a break last week, but sometimes that’s all you need. Bortles is getting better and I still think Gus Bradley is a good coach. Jags by a TD.


Lions +2 over Raiders. All of our Green and Gold hand wringing aside, the Lions are better than 2-7. How much better? Maybe not “playoff better”, but “good enough to beat an average West Coast visitor on unfamiliar turf better?” I think so.


Dolphins pick ‘em over Cowboys. WELL WELL WELL!!!!

So Romo’s back? So what? Road Warrior Hawk and the swimming mammals are insulted by the line in this one, and that’s just the type of thing that gets these meatheads motivated. Dolphins by 10 because WE DINE ON DEATH, WE SNACK ON DANGER, AND DEAD MEN DON’T MAKE MONEY!!!!!!


Vikings pick ‘em over the Packers. Smart bettors are taking advantage of Vegas’ soft spot for the Pack. You should too. Even if they do get the offense figured out (which is a Holm over Rousey long shot), the deplorable character that wears 28 for Minnesota appears to have his groove back. Maybe he’s found another mentally deficient womb possessor to carry his seed, or maybe he’s back to torturing four year olds, either way Satan’s number one fantasy pick is back in form, and that’s bad news for the Pack. More weeping and gnashing of teeth as the Packers fall to 6-4.

Week 8 Winners

Oct 28, 2015 -- 1:06pm

Another 2-3 week, 0-3 in the colleges. Disappointing, but maybe it means we need to pick more NFL games for awhile. 16-18-1 on the season. Time reacquaint ourselves with the bookmaker’s mama.


One college game to get us back on our feet:


Pittsburgh +3 vs North Carolina: Pat Narduzzi has the Panthers rolling in his first season replacing Paul Chryst. Their only loss was by a field goal to a good Iowa team on the road. The betting public doesn’t believe in the Panthers yet. You should.


Chiefs -5 over Lions in London: The Lions are in free fall, while the Chiefs hope their win over the Steelers can turn things around. The Chiefs one of those “not that bad” teams.


Vikings -1.5 @ Bears: Don’t be fooled by a few decent performances versus bad teams. Jay Cutler is still Jay Cutler and the Bears are still awful. The Vikings, meanwhile, are well coached and solid in every area. Minnesota by 17.


Bengals pick ‘em @ Steelers: So, it’s an unbeaten team and it’s a pick ‘em game? They were only 2.5 point favorites vs Landry Jones, but Big Ben’s return made it a pick ‘em. No respect for Dalton and the Bengals. They’ll notice and they’ll dominate.


Seahawks -6 @ Dallas: Lord knows I’m not a fan of road favorites and I’m tired of Seattle, but less than a TD? Versus Matt Cassell? Weren’t this in charge of the line watching on Sunday? ‘Boys might get shut out in Jerra World.

Week 7 Winners

Oct 23, 2015 -- 3:22pm

Another week under water, 2-3 with the Packers’ non-cover the biggest disappointment of the bunch. For the first time this season we are below .500 at 14-15-1. With hope, and with swagger, we proceed.


Utah + 3.5 @ USC- How is Utah the dog in this game? They’ve stomped everyone they’ve faced in the Pac 12. USC is REALLY a mess. Utes by 14.


Illinois + 6.5 vs Wisconsin- Bill Cubit has made a bad situation into a good one at Illinois. Their win over Nebraska was no fluke. Wisconsin needs someone to make a big play. They won’t get it this week. Illini with a late field goal to win.


Florida State -6.5 @ Georgia Tech- The Jackets are one of the nation’s biggest disappointments. they’ve just played poorly. Dalvin Cook and the ‘Noles are just too fast and too good. FSU by 17.


Dolphins -4 vs Texans- Dan Campbell may be a bit of a meathead, but the Dolphins looked like a different team last week. The Texans are still a disaster. Ocean dwelling mammals by a lot.


Vikings -2 @ Lions- A prove it game for Mike Zimmer and the upstart Vikes. Minnesota is sound in all areas. Detroit is not. Had the Lions been playing anyone other than the Bears last Sunday they would have blown the game. Vikings by 10

Week 6 winners

Oct 15, 2015 -- 8:24am

Last week was a disaster. 0-4-1. Yuck. I could lament the bad beats and bad luck, but that don’t pay the milkman. 12-12-1. The season starts again this weekend. Let’s get ‘em!


Northwestern +2 vs Iowa- The Cats have flummoxed the Hawks many times at Ryan Field, and Coach Fitz will have them ready after last week’s embarrassment in Ann Arbor.


Michigan State +8 @ Michigan- The exuberance regarding Harbaugh has jacked this line from 3 to 8 since Sunday. 5 points? You usually don’t see that big of a move unless their is a major injury or suspension. Tighter than that. Don’t shovel dirt on Sparty yet.


South Carolina -2.5 vs Vanderbilt- Another gigantic line move. The vegas smarts must think the ‘Cocks players are quitting because the OBC did. You’re trying to tell me that South Carolina can’t beat Vandy at home by a field goal? Cocks in a romp.


Cardinals -3 @Steelers- The Cards are really good (this just in.) Vick’s last second win was a nice story on Monday night, but this ain’t the Chargers. Cards by 10.


Packers -10 over Chargers- Two low offensive outputs in a row for the Pack. Rodgers answering “off game” questions. Chargers coming off a short week and a disappointing home loss. You don’t have to be Will Hunting to figure out the sum of these events will be a huge Packers blowout. How ‘bout them apples?

Week 5 winners

Oct 07, 2015 -- 11:58am

Another 3-2 week. Slow and steady continues to bash your book, now 12-8 overall for the season. Smash you man with these week 5 gems:


Georgia -3 @ Tennessee- The Dawgs will be full of piss and vinegar after getting hammered at home by the Tide. Chubb will have 200 yds and 3 TDs. UGA rolls!


Missouri +5 vs Florida- The beneficiaries of a letdown last week at the Swamp, the Gators run head long into Gary Pinkel’s Tigers in Columbia. No real emotion in what is still a relatively unfamiliar conference match-up. Take the home dog.


Nebraska -1 vs Wisconsin- It’s a must win for Riley and Nebraska, and Bucky’s lack of a home run hitter won’t be fixed in a week. Very similar to the Iowa loss.


Rams +9.5 @ Packers- The Rams could win this one straight up. They are sound in all areas, and first round pick Todd Gurley gives them a spark. Pack needs to be on high alert.


Bengals -3 vs Seahawks- Seahawks should be 1-3. They just aren’t very good right now. The Bengals are.

Week 4 Winners

Oct 02, 2015 -- 1:22pm

3-2 last week (3-0 in the colleges) as we continue to bash your book at 9-6 overall on the season. Without further ado, we present your week 4 bookie blasters:

Oregon -7.5 @ Colorado- This line plummeted after the Ducks got waxed by Utah. It happens, but the betting public over reacted. You can take advantage. They'll win in Boulder by three touchdowns.

Missouri -3 vs South Carolina- Coach Pinkel's Tigers are smarting from their loss in Lexington, but Spurrier is DONE in Columbia. Everyone around the Cocks, including the players knows it. Missouri by a lot.

Michigan State -21.5 vs Purdue- I know, this is a lot of wood, but Michigan State is a legit National Title contender. Meanwhile, the Boilers are 1-3 and can't stop anyone. Something like 66-13 sounds about right.

Dolphins +1.5 vs Jets- Philbin's last stand. Suh has heard the criticism this week. Picture Charles Jefferson after Spicolli wrecked his car. I pity the Amish Rifle.

Jaguars +9 @ Colts- OK, I get it. You don't have to beat me over the head. The Colts are void of talent once you get past 12, especially in the trenches. This does not bode well. They'll beat the Jags, but barely.

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