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Murphy on Favre number retirement: 'It's going to happen'

Mar 18, 2013 -- 8:29pm
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Aaron Rodgers got the ball rolling with Brett Favre at the NFL Honors event.

PHOENIX – Calling Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre jointly presenting the comeback player of the year award to Peyton Manning at last month’s NFL Honors event “kind of a good first step,” Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said Monday evening that he still doesn’t know when the organization and its former star quarterback will reconcile.

Speaking at the end of Day 2 of the annual NFL Meetings at the Arizona Biltmore hotel, Murphy said there haven’t been any other steps taken by the organization since Rodgers and Favre shared the stage on the eve of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

But, he said, he feels the day when Favre’s familiar No. 4 will be retired is coming.

“I don’t know the timing of it. But certainly I don’t want to put a deadline on it, but it’s going to happen,” Murphy said.

Asked if it would take the Packers going to Favre or Favre reaching out to the team to move the process forward, Murphy replied, “It’s got to be sitting down – the organization, whether it’s myself or others, sitting down with him and working on the timing on it.”

As for Rodgers and Favre getting together at the awards ceremony, Murphy said it was a positive development.

“I thought that was great. It was kind of a good first step,” he said. “And our intent all along is we want to bring him back into the family and retire his number. He deserves it.”

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