ESPN Wisconsin

Greg Scalzo


The University of Wisconsin in Madison



Hopkinton, Massachusetts- Home of The Boston Marathon


Favorite Sport? Why?

Football, because of the coordination, collaboration, and all of the small parts that play into the whole product seen on the field. It is more about gestalt, how all of the pieces fit together, than about getting lucky, having the right guy, or spending the most money. It is an art form in that way, and those that can put the pieces together in the perfect manner (see: Belichek) are artists in the truest sense of the word.


Favorite Team?

Boston Red Sox


Favorite Athlete?

Tom Brady


Most memorable sports moment?

Game 7 of Eastern Conference Championships in 2008 when Lebron put up 45 pts and Paul Pierce went toe to toe with his 41. But Pierce had something LeBron didn’t… heart. I remember Pierce diving on the Boston Garden Parquet to secure a loose ball and win a key possession late in the fourth quarter and the entire building erupting, sensing the inevitability of raising a seventeenth banner


Favorite thing about sports?

The emotion of it all; the pride fans put into their team has come to define the pride they have in where they came from. It’s a feeling that you are a part of something greater than yourself, and yet you have the ability to watch things play out right in front of you on a field- with lines and rules, and a clear cut winner. It’s an escape from the realities of everyday life, but as a microcosm of everyday life, has the ability to provide tangible rewards and true value—bringing the fan on emotional highs and lows that takes them to the peaks of euphoria and depths of sorrow. And yet, sports always moves on; they evolve; things change, teams get better, they get worse, but the one constant is the emotion that lets these games integrate themselves into our lives. 


If you could change one thing/rule about any league, what would you change?

I would go back to the days when hockey players didn’t wear helmets, and the goalies just wore facemasks


If you could live the life of one pro athlete for a day, whose life would you choose?

Tom Brady- I don’t think this one needs any explaination


Years in broadcast?



First job? First job in the business?

First job ever was as a bus boy for a fancy Italian restaurant in the suburbs of Boston. I worked 3 shifts and was never put on the schedule again. They never even returned my phone calls. My first job in broadcasting was with my student radio station WSUM- a paid position. And soon after I was promoted from intern at ESPN Madison to a part-time employee.


First, or best, childhood sports memory?

Being drafted as an 8 year old to play in the live-pitch ‘minors’ league for the Yankees, and being extremely upset to be part of any Yankee organization. Our little league program used real teams and their uniforms, and while I was excited to be one of the few 8 year olds to play a level up with the 9 year olds, I was horrified to have to wear that hideous logo on my head. I made it through the year, but soon burned the hat in a cleansing ceremony.


Favorite non-sport related activity?

Reading, or fishing (although that is sport to some)


Favorite Madison spot?      

State Street Brats- I forged a life-long relationship with Brats while a student at UW, and I will forever continue to cherish that relationship and pay it due attention to keep her happy.


Nickname? Origin of nickname?      

Scalzo, ‘zo’ to some (based on the ending of my last name)


Advice to listeners?      

Keep Listening! Call in, interact, and give us feedback. The more we hear from you, the better we are, and the better our content is for you to enjoy. And if you’re going to call in to a radio show, turn off your radio.